RJD Green Inc., RJDG.PK, launching as a three division holding company.

The Company is launching its full business model in 2016.The management team has created three individual divisions that each offer rapid-growth in recessive resistant markets. The RJDG focus is economically advantageous acquisitions within emerging growth entities or companies in need of restructure, where immediate growth and excellent potential returns are transparent. RJD Green is focused in three initial high-growth enterprise opportunities that offer diversity in separate recession resistant markets.

Redhawke Energy DevelopmentRJD Green Healthcare Service Division’s business model utilizes the healthcare industry experience and extensive relationships of the team assembled by RJDG. The team has long-term relationships with most major hospital systems, as well as the larger surgical centers through-out the United States, and further relationships within many of the service sectors comprising the healthcare community.

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EarthlincEarthlinc Environmental Solutions, Inc. – environmental services and products based on green technology that offer rapid growth and profitability.

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Silex InteriorsSilex Holdings, Inc. – specialty niched industrial contracting and building material products and services opportunities that offer immediate growth, and that are synergistic in commonality of corporate management & administration, and sales & marketing programs.

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Our corporate management team is well versed in each of the three areas of focus.

Each of the three corporate officers are individually, directly responsible for the successful operation of one of the individual divisional efforts; as well as their corporate duties.

RJD Green is focused on creating a successful and enjoyable business opportunity that creates ongoing shareholder value growth. For the business enterprise partners that join with RJD, the focus is to maximize their business potential through the public company capital resources advantage, and the benefit of having an additional management partner to assist with vision and fulfilling success in each operation.